Oh my.. I am one of your favourite blogs? Thank you.. Here are the 10..
I can bake.
My dream wasn’t to be a pilot when I grow up. I never had any target for what I want to be. Just go along with the flow until I find one that suits me which is where I am today.
It was my dad’s decision to send me to a full-time flying school/academy. But I made the decision to go and give it a chance.
I try to be calm at all times. There was once when my friend was driving and we almost had an accident, a minor one, and he asked afterwards “why aren’t you showing any expression?!”
I take everything that I learnt in football/soccer to make myself a better pilot, characteristically.
I tend to think too much.
I speak so less. Only when it is necessary to do so.
Mix both of the above, when you see me, there’s a high chance for you to see me mumbling.
I can’t confirm this but I believe I’m dyslexic. Nothing to be worried about for me. For me dyslexia is just another way of how the brain works.
I am a Muslim.
I don’t know which 10 blogs should I choose to send this to. There are more than 200 blogs in the Aviation Tumblrs List. Maybe the first 10 who read this should voluntarily do it, yes?