Anonymous asked: Note; I don't mean this offensively (if it can be taken so). Do you feel that terrorists from your religion are ignorant in such that they read sections of the Qur'an or only take meaning from what they see fit? Obviously it's not black and white like my question asks, but this seemed like the best way to ask it because I'll otherwise over think and ask you something that makes no sense. Oh, feel free to essay this up.

Oh no, this isn’t offensive at all. I allow you guys to send me questions anonymously because of this.

For a starter, I think every terrorists are ignorants whether he is a politician hiding behind the name of freedom and democracy or a bearded turban wearing hipster living in the desert.

Using a part of the Quran to support one’s cause while ignoring the other that says otherwise is only a job for the hypocrites. That’s why I intend on taking my time on answering all of those anon questions because I now how to explain them but I need more proofs from the Quran and the Sunnahs of the prophet. Because only the Quran itself isn’t enough.

Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi (I think it was him) said that suicide bombing aren’t really the Islamic way of fighting and it is forbidden in Islam. Committing suicide is one of the biggest sin one can do in Islam. Islam needs people who are brave enough to live and spread the word of peace instead of killing innocent civilians which is wrong. In the wars that prophet Muhammad fought in, he has never done that and never allowed it to happen.

But, it is allowed if you’re from and in one of those critically unstable countries like Palestine, Syria or even a certain part of Myanmar nowadays. Why? Try to put yourself in their place. Almost no hope is there for you to survive, you just lost your family, friends, relatives and everyone around you and the world turned blind on you and you’re next in line to be killed. You surely want to take at least one of them with you, aren’t you?

Though Islamic terrorists aren’t a new issue, I think 911 was a trigger for the world to blame everything on Islam.

  1. Because the WTC is one of America’s famous landmark.
  2. Media is controlled by them. What they did themselves can easily be blamed on others.
  3. It is the beginning of a domino effect that trigger other brainless so-called Islamic terrorists to do what they want to do. Seriously, what’s so Islamic about doing that thing that Islam doesn’t allow you to do.

Judging Islam by what Muslims did is like calling every Americans are fat because they enjoy eating high-caloric foods.

I wrote down what came into my mind in which some of them might be wrong. Do correct me if they are.